Photo Services

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In addition to my fine art photography, I offer photographic services to the arts and crafts communities and the general public. These services include:

- Restoration and retouching of old and/or damaged photographs with archival printing on photo paper;

- Photo reproduction of flat artwork and color matching with archival printing on fine art papers and canvas;

- Photo reproduction of 3D works of art and craft; and

- One-on-one and group photography mentoring.

For more information and pricing please call me at 914-712-0823 or send me an email at

Technical Data

I do my photographic reproductions of paintings and other works of arts and crafts in my home studio with a 94+ CRI lighting system. I take 64Mp Raw captures with an Olympus E-M5 Mark II in High Resolution Mode and Olympus pro lenses. In this mode, the E-M5II produces captures that rival the ones of professional full frame DSLR's in terms of detail, low noise, and dynamic range, with no moire artifacts whatsoever. I process my captures with the latest version of Photoshop in a color-managed computer system.

I make in-house archival prints up to 17x34 inches on photo and art papers and canvas with an Epson pro inkjet printer, and can provide higher pixel count files for larger prints.

The following are samples of product photography I did for catalog and web posting (Etsy, etc.).

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I particularly enjoy restoring older and/or damaged photographs because of the great sentimental value they have for my clients. The original of the couple shown below is well over 100 years old. The edges are left unrestored as a testimony to the age of the print.

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I also provide hands-on instruction to single individuals and small groups on a number of photographic subjects (most commonly general and outdoor photography). I typically cover photography's main subjects including visualization, camera techniques, post-processing and printing.